Karaglen Dental Aesthetic Centre allows its patients, who have broken or damaged a tooth or teeth, to quickly resume their normal activities in just one chair visit using a specially designed ceramic filling.

These 3D-designed ceramic fillings are uniquely tailored to each patient and are created using the CEREC method to replace fillings and restore broken, decayed or weak teeth in a short space of time.

This exceptional technique is used to create precisely-designed, highly-durable ceramic restorations which can be colour matched to existing teeth, in a short space of time.

During the process, the tooth is coated with a tasteless and harmless powder. A high-tech 3D camera is then used to create a digital impression which is transformed into the exact restoration required to fit the patient's needs by specially designed software.

Once the 3D design has been completed, the specifications are transferred to a milling machine and within 15 minutes the restoration is ready for placement and the patient is able to resume their day.

Email Karaglen Dental Aesthetic Centre for further information or to make an appointment for an assessment.

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